Anyone who heard Bob Gordon speak in the 4-5 years before his death would be familiar with his recounting of one particular prophetic word of Smith Wigglesworth regarding the conjoining of Spirit and Word. Bob felt a particular call to the word below, which was given just weeks before Smith Wigglesworth’s own death in 1947. In the coming weeks we will publish material prepared by Bob as he preached and taught on this movement.

(Smith Wigglesworth was an amazing and enigmatic man of God who was one of the Pentecostal pioneers of the 20th century – read more about him here).

“A week before his death, Wigglesworth prophesied again during a week long crusade. This time, he foretold a second move of the Spirit. The first move would bring the restoration of the gifts of the Spirit; the second would bring a revival of emphasis on the Word of God.

He said “When these two moves of the Spirit combine, we shall see the greatest move the Church of Jesus Christ has ever seen.”

Smith Wigglesworth
(A Man Who Walked With God; George Stormont)

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