Yesterday I finished talking – Monday night we had a good time with Pastor Riaz and his church, Tuesday morning we had a pastors meeting for about 35 local pastors, and then in the afternoon Holy Shepherd Grammar School held their prize giving ceremony (though to the joy of all in attendance I only spoke for about two minutes at the latter).

Photos: Some of the children of HSGS, the roads outside the school, pastors at the meeting,





God has been amazingly good to me and all the people I have had the joy of working with through this month. We have travelled many mils on less than good roads, spoken for hours and hours, eaten great food, fellowshipped with wonderful people and known the goodness, peace and protection of the Lord through it all.

Photo: Johnson – hero of the hour, who has braved the Karachi traffic for countless hours in order to get me safely and without accident to the meetings. He has been a stalwart of the trip


Photo: Anser Javed (on the right in yellow), a man I am glad to call friend and co-worker for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. i am glad to walk with men such as him.


In twelve hours I shall be about to board a plane to go home to my wife and family in India – a great thought after two months away. But…The period of readjustment for all of us is often hard at such times, I have to reestablish a routine and get into work there, friendships and relationships have to be worked on again.

Your prayers as you have read and thought of the work have been invaluable, they have amazing God given power. Thank you so much.

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