I love my brothers and sisters in the persecuted church. Read this story here and cried and prayed. Please at least do the latter.

Persecution Blog 30/04/2010 00:26 Stacy L. Harp China Aid Christian Action

This is bittersweet news from our friends at China Aid. We rejoice with our brother for being able to see his family for 15 minutes, but we know he must be having a hard time, as his family are, after such an emotional visit. Please join me in praying for this precious family today, and if you’d like to write to Alim, click here and see the information at China Aid.

XINJIANG—Separated by the glass wall, Gulinuer and Alimujiang’s two sons stared at their father for the first time in over two years. On April 20, under international pressure thanks to years of legal advocacy and raising public awareness, the Xinjiang Kashgar Prison authorities allowed the Uyghur Christian prisoner to meet with his wife, children, mother, and sister for a brief 15 minute conversation—the first personal contact the family has had with Alim since he was first detained in January 2008.

Alim’s mother was extremely emotional. She encouraged her son to be strong, and Alimujiang in turn comforted her. His spirit seemed strong, and he encouraged his wife and children, “Be strong and take heart! I know that this is God’s training for me.”

Alim’s 10-year-old son expressed mixed emotions during the visit. He was thankful to see his father after two years and three months of separation, but was greatly discouraged that his father was still stuck “in that place,” unable to return home with them. Gulinuer has watched her son pray for Alimujiang every night, asking God to deliver him from prison and bring him home. Despite the pain, she remains thankful that her son’s faith is strong.

Alim’s lawyers, Dr. Li Baiguang and Liu Peifu, were barred from meeting with him only days before the family visit, even after gaining authorization from the Xinjiang Bureau of Prison Management. Gulinuer contacted the lawyers immediately after learning they would be granted a visit, but after nearly a week of work in Xinjiang, the lawyers were already at the airport en route to Beijing.

Dr. Li Baiguang views Alim’s case as one of the worst cases of religious persecution in the last 20 years. Disappointed by the Xinjiang Supreme Courts rejection of Alim’s appeal filed in January, the legal team now plans to appeal to the Beijing Supreme Court..

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