Blind Spots


David sleeps with Bathsheba. She gets pregnant. David panics, wants to cover his sin, calls back Uriah from the frontline of the battle, tries to get him to sleep with his wife. How easy to try to cover our sin. Uriah is an honourable man, won’t sleep with his wife and so David has him murdered. Nathan then uses a parable to confront David with his sin.

2 Samuel 12 –  5 David burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, “As surely as the LORD lives, the man who did this deserves to die! 6 He must pay for that lamb four times over, because he did such a thing and had no pity.”

What gets me is the blindedness of David. He obviously had a well developed sense of justice, just look at his reaction here, finely honed perhaps from being chased around the desert by Saul. And when told this parable he reacts strongly all the time failing to realise his own sin. Nathan then nails him:

7 Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man!

How could David have been so blind?

Lord, where are my blind spots. Are they as obvious to all around me as David’s sin appeared to Nathan, and more importantly, to God?

Wakey, Wakey!

This was my take on Acts 10:1-23 this morning. Peter and Cornelius is a large narrative – in fact the largest in Acts – so I had to make a decision what to emphasise and though listening and being available to God was the best take I could do.

Due to the images the size of the file became very large and so I have had to delete some of the images from it and the Bible verses – and the story of Clarence Duncan is one that has previously been posted on this blog so I have not included it again. The remaining text remains the same though.

acts 10

Sermon Preparation


Saturday night and I am at my desk preparing for tomorrow mornings sermon whilst the family watch American Idol. Just to encourage me I found this post here:

Rather famously, Charles H. Spurgeon prepared his Sunday morning sermon on a Saturday evening. Spurgeon then readied his Sunday evening message on a Sunday afternoon. Thinking of trying it? Don’t. At least not until you’ve read the advice given over at

“This is not a recommended method of sermon preparation, unless you are a highly gifted preacher with a photographic memory, very sharp wits, a lifetime of in-depth reading, an encyclopedic knowledge of theology, a superb command of the English language, and a deep personal spiritual life.”

Faith: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

This was my take on Acts 8:26-40 today.

I decided to take the idea of moving in faith – well Philips movement – as the focal point and to try to simplify after being too complicated in links and points last week.

Due to the images the size of the file became very large and so I have had to delete some of the images from it. The text remains the same apart from removing the words of Scripture which you can look up in your own Bible.

Clarence Duncan's Ministry to the Yao

I read this amazing story here

In 1985 Clarence Duncan arrived in Africa as missionary to the solidly Muslim people called the Yao who live mainly in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Malawi. When he settled in his village, he called for a meeting with the elders. After the pleasantries the chief asked him his name. Clarence replied, “Mr. Clarence.”

The council looked at each other for a moment and then the chief asked, “Why are you here?”

Again Clarence simply said, “I want to tell your people about Isa Al Mahsi (Jesus the Messiah).”

A couple months later, when the chief decided he could trust Clarence, he said, “Do you know why we allowed you to stay?”

Clarence said, “I never thought about it.”

“Twenty-one years ago a very old Yao man came to our village and called for a meeting as you did. When we asked him his name, this Yao man said, ‘Mr. Clarence’—which isn’t an African name at all! When we asked him why he came, he said, ‘I want to tell your people about Isa Al Mahsi.’ These were your very words. Twenty-one years ago Mr. Clarence led four of our villagers to follow Jesus. So we ran them out of the village. And we killed Mr. Clarence. The reason we allowed you to stay was we were afraid.”

That was 1985. Two years ago on a January morning 24 Muslim elders approached Clarence Duncan’s house. After a meal the leader sat in the middle of the room and said that they had come to ask questions about Christianity. Clarence said fine but that he would only answer them by reading from the Bible so they would know he did not invent the answers. So he gave each of them a Bible in the trade language. The first question was, “Why do you Christians say that there are three gods?”

Clarence said the answer was found in Deuteronomy 6:4 and gave them the page: “Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God. The Lord is one!” And he mentioned that Isa (Jesus) said this very thing in Mark 12:29.

The questioning went on till five in the afternoon. When all had left, the leader, Sheik Abu Bakr, stayed and asked if he could see Clarence in a week.

When they met Abu asked if Clarence knew why they came to see him last week. Clarence said he assumed it was to ask questions. But Abu said, “No, it was because the Christian church is growing so fast we knew we had to kill you. We had consulted for three days and prepared our magic. You were to be struck dumb when we asked questions, then fall on the ground paralyzed and then die. But when you kept talking, and even stood up and moved around, we knew you had a stronger Spirit and gave up.”

Then Abu said, “I want to become a Christian.” And he told an amazing story.

“When I was a teenager, in our village we were not Muslim people and we were not Christian. We were Achewa people with our own religion. Behind our village was a hill where I would often go to pray.

“One day I was on that hill praying. Suddenly all around me was a blinding light. Out of this light I saw a big hand coming toward me holding an open book. I looked at the book and saw writing on the page. A Voice told me to read. I protested that I could not read, never having been to school. The Voice again told me to read. So I did. And suddenly the book and the hand disappeared.

“I ran back to my village and all the people were looking for me, thinking I had died on that hill! They asked about a fire they had seen up there. When I told them the story, they laughed at me saying, You can’t read!

“Someone got a book and I began to read! Then people came from all around to find out more about what happened and asked questions. The Muslim authorities found out about me and I was trained in the ways of Islam. Soon all or our village became Muslim. For 15 years I was the greatest debater against the Christians.”

He paused and then said, “You remember when I asked you the first question about why Christians believe in three gods? Your answer was Deuteronomy chapter 6, verse 4.”

“That’s right,” Clarence said.

Sheik Abu Bakr looked Clarence Duncan in the eye and said, “That was the same passage that this Voice on the mountain showed me. At that moment I knew that the God you were talking about was the True God!”

“Then why did you keep asking me all those questions the whole day?”

“Because,” he smiled, “I wanted all these Muslim leaders to know what the Christians believe and I wanted them to hear it from you. The whole day I pretended unbelief so that I could ask more questions. Now I want to become a Christian.”

In the midst of a life of steady, persevering faithfulness, God has yet more wonders to show us in the work of evangelism and world missions than we can imagine. Let’s pray for eyes to see and ears to hear when he calls us to a divine appointment like Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch had on the road to Gaza.

Little Men


We live in an age of little men who should be big. Men who should know better, who should act with a generosity of heart and spirit. Instead we live with leaders who are small minded, petty and vindictive and who produce church members who are of similar vein.

David was a leader of men. If you read of Saul’s leadership, his insecurities, his fear of man, his small heart and mind, it becomes very clear as you see David developing that here is a different quality of man, one who stands tall in the greatness and goodness of God.

1 Samuel 30 tells of how the families of David and all his men had been taken captive by Amalekite raiders. They pursued and defeated them retaking their wives, children and possessions as well as much plunder. During the pursuit 200 of David’s men had become so tired they could go no further and had been left to recover. As those who had fought were reunited with those who had been weak this happens;

21Then David came to the two hundred men who had been too exhausted to follow David, and who had been left at the brook Besor. And they went out to meet David and to meet the people who were with him. And when David came near to the people he greeted them. 22Then all the wicked and worthless fellows among the men who had gone with David said, “Because they did not go with us, we will not give them any of the spoil that we have recovered, except that each man may lead away his wife and children, and depart.” 23But David said, “You shall not do so, my brothers, with what the LORD has given us. He has preserved us and given into our hand the band that came against us. 24Who would listen to you in this matter? For as his share is who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the baggage. They shall share alike.” 25And he made it a statute and a rule for Israel from that day forward to this day.

I want to walk with men and women of such a heart. Who are prepared to overlook weakness. Who lift people up and don’t readily tear down. Who seek unity and fairness. Who have a large and generous heart.

The Same Again


Once again in 1 Samuel 26:1-12 God gives David the chance to take things into his own hands. We need to know just because we pass a test the first time doesn’t mean that we shall not face just the same test again sooner or later. Taking time and spiritual energy to develop the right response in your heart is vital.

Too often I hear people preaching about how incredible it is that god looked so favourably upon David and his line. It is easy to think of the mistakes David makes later on in his life, adultery, murder disloyalty and the like. Yet at this time it is worth noting his humility and total submission to the Lord.

“The LORD rewards every man for his righteousness and his faithfulness, for the LORD gave you into my hand today, and I would not put out my hand against the LORD’s anointed. 24Behold, as your life was precious this day in my sight, so may my life be precious in the sight of the LORD, and may he deliver me out of all tribulation.”

1 Samuel 26:23-24

In such instances it becomes far easier to see that David was truly ‘a man after God’s heart’. Acts 13:22

“…he raised up David to be their king, of whom he testified and said, ‘I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my heart, who will do all my will.’ ”



Consider this. Your church leader hates you. He, or she, desperately wants you out of the church. You have done nothing wrong and in fact know many things which would discredit them.

God, in his grace, gives you an opportunity to expose them and deal with them once for all. The church will be a better place without them in charge. You are right, they are wrong. Everyone knows it. One word, one email, one phone call and it can all be over. You will be vindicated, they will be dealt with.


David faced such a situation in 1 Samuel 24:1-7

Having cut off the corner of Saul’s robe he was guilt stricken. Who was he to start to vindicate himself? Who was he to decide what was right and wrong?

God often gives us two choices. Vindicate yourself or trust me.

Vindicate yourself and everyone will see you were right all along. You will be justified in all you do.

It might take longer if you trust God. It might be more painful for you. You might face disgrace and dishonour. People might never know the ‘truth‘.


Birmingham – November 1996 Session 3

Session 3


God wants to build His church as:


– a living Body of Christ

– reflecting His nature

– containing His power

– being a channel of His witness in the world.


The greater has yet to consume the lesser. We have to get a grasp of who we are as leaders in God. We have got to submit our lives to something that is much greater than what normally grasps our attention. See what takes your energy away – small things, demands of people, economics etc. We look into these things and find that we are disabled. We need to bring our lives in line with the vision God has for it and the vision He has for His Body and then we will be enabled to meet the challenge of the other things.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”


Matthew 1:19,20 –

The Holy Spirit did something in the womb of Mary that fulfilled the will of God for that moment. Mary was willing for something supernatural to take place in her. Out of her came the living body that was to contain the Living Word of God – “in the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1). God prepares a body for His revelation through Jesus – “a body you have prepared for me” (Hebrews).


Galatians 4:19 –

Spirit of God is looking for a body, not a physical body, but a spiritual body that will bring forth Christ in its generation. The nation needs a credible body of people who will manifest the reality, nature and power of the Holy Spirit.


This is God’s greatest ambition:


i. Evangelicals – God’s greatest ambition to get people saved but this is just stage one of the process


ii. Charismatics – individual blessing of people – danger from this is that we can have a self-orientated religion, the greatest aim of which is to bring satisfaction or self-awareness to people. Danger of becoming quite worldly, especially in the language used.


God’s greatest aim to build a temple by His Spirit in which God will dwell by His Spirit (Ephesians 2:20-22) – simple yet profound truth.


Just as God found a willing and obedient servant in Mary, He is looking for people in this generation, as in every generation, a willing servant in whom “Christ will be formed”. No longer the physical Jesus – the name ‘Jesus’ is associated with the ministry and the death and the resurrection of the Son of God. “You will call His name Jesus for He will save the people from their sins”. Peter added to this – “this same Jesus whom you crucified, God has made both Lord and Christ.” When we are preaching to people we must always preach the Lordship of Christ. “If you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord – you will be saved”.


But there is another emphasis. When Paul speaks of the Lord Jesus he nearly always speaks of the Lord Jesus Christ, or Christ Jesus, ‘The Lord’. This is because the present ministry of the Son of God is an ascended, glorified ministry in His Christ-hood.


Peter – “He has received the promised Holy Spirit, which He is pouring out, which you both now see and hear.” And we are the recipient of that outpouring ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.


What Paul is aiming for is ‘Christ-likeness’, it is more than character, it is active ministry, it is power, it is the out-pouring of Christ-ministry.


God is looking for a body today that will set aside every other consideration and in whose lives and corporate life together there can be an expression of the life and ministry of Christ Himself.


– That as He is ‘the anointed’ we become ‘the anointed ones’.


– That as He is living in the power of an endless life, we will live in the power of an endless life.


– As He is living in eternal compassion and intercession, that will be the same in us.


That the gifts of the Spirit will be the evidence or sign of something much deeper than just a little ‘ism’.


Part of what Spirit and Word means is not just that I am baptised in the Holy Spirit and I read my Bible, but that we, as a people, are empowered by the Spirit of God and that we are walking in the mind of Christ, the revelation of Christ (1 Corinthians 2) – “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him – but God has revealed it to us by His Spirit”. This is the most important line.


The burden on my heart today is to energise the Body of Christ to reach up to the greater vision. So often we can be dominated by things that are of lesser importance, but the Holy Spirit wants us to catch the reality of the tremendous vision that God has for us who are the Body of Christ. Some people would say, “that is impractical”. But what is impractical is when we go on doing the job and not having the vision!


A spiritual vision sets us free and rises us above the mundane.



Ephesians 5


When people used to speak to me about this I objected to it because I identified it with Latter Rain teaching and the view that in the very last moment before the Second Coming we would be a totally perfect church, that is not what I am preaching.


I believe that the New Testament urges us to open our heart to be the best that we can be in God. This might be a last generation message but in actual fact we are responsible in our generation to open our hearts and make a determined effort, in the Spirit of God, to be the best that we can be. Sometimes we say that that is not possible, because we don’t want it to be possible, we don’t actually want to cease our divisions; we know that we have pride in our life, yet I believe that the Holy Spirit is really challenging us to open our hearts to the reality that must come if God is to pour out His Spirit in revival in these days.


“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


This is not a sentimental romantic notion but the result of seeing the greater rather than the lesser. It is the inheritance of men and women of God to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. To stand up in God, to be delighted in God, to be restored in God and to know who they are in God. There are many times in life (with good reason) when we can feel cast down as though the best has been, but that is not God’s way. God is a God of restoration and redemption. The way He does it is by filling our spiritual eyesight with a vision of Himself and a vision of His best which releases us from the lesser things.


Ephesians 5:22-33



The Body of Christ


We misunderstand what the New Testament means by ‘the body’. We often use the term ‘body’ when we mean a ‘collection of people’, and we have dislocated it from the New Testament sense. We take Ephesians 5 as being about husbands and wives first and the analogy as being about the church but reading it as Paul says it, it is the other way around. “This is a profound mystery, but I am talking about Christ and the church. The two will become one flesh.” This puts a completely different complexion on what is meant by one body.


“We are members of His body” – not a club or fellowship. “The thing which is conceived in you, Mary, is of the Holy Spirit. You have become a body in which Jesus is seeded and you will bring forth Jesus in your generation.”


“Now I am under the birth pangs of labour”, says Paul, “until Christ is (seeded) formed in you.”


Who, in our generation, is going to become pregnant with Christ?


In 1 Corinthians 12 when Paul speaks about the members of the body, it is the very physicality that contains the spiritual thing. God is looking for a body today that will become pregnant with Christ and in our generation produce Christ and all that Christ is to be manifested. Not in a physical sense, but spiritually, so that everything Christ is – His life, His anointing, His power, His character, His gifting can be released in the power of His Spirit in our generation. That is Spirit and Word. The first word that Jesus said publicly was “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me”.


Just as a physical Man appeared anointed by the Holy Spirit as the Word of God for His generation, so today, that Man who is in heaven as the Christ can express Himself still in a contemporary world where truth is absent, where life is absent, where hope is absent, so that He can be embodied again in our generation in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Example: testimony of the life of Father Ian Pettit.


God is looking for a body of people who will be connected by spiritual tissue, who will say I am willing to die to myself, to die to the negative things, to the trivialities and I am willing to let God’s glory effuse itself through my being. I am willing to bring Christ forth in the Spirit in my generation. (The revelation of the glory of God)


The only thing that is strong enough to lift us up in a new way of being is when God reveals Himself in power and we catch the glory of that in our life. When God speaks this into our hearts it brings a liberty that enables us to run free in God.


The Excellence of the Glory of God


2 Corinthians 3


When we see the reality of what God wants to do there is something of excellence that we want to pertain to, it pulls us up.


Peter Taylor Forsyth – “A gospel that gets deep enough has all the breadth in the world that it needs.”


God says to us that he wants to conceive something in us, beyond our being ‘born again’. There is a progressive nature to this. Christ’s purpose in us as the Body, especially as leadership, is to bring for the reality of Christ in our generation.


Francis Frangipane – talks about the virgin giving birth. Our idea of virginity is someone who has not had sexual relations, but in fact we have all been corrupted  by the world, whether it is physical or not. How can we become virgins again? The other idea of the Virgin is one who is set apart, who is chosen, where someone says, “you are mine”. If we stop there for a moment and let the Lord grip our heart with that sense of drawing then I believe that it will lead to the redemption of the other. There needs to be a willingness in spirit that we belong to the Lord. This is the real thing that the world needs.





1. Are we willing for something incredible to happen in us?


2. Mary was willing to accept the consequences of God’s choice of her – ‘you are highly favoured’. Are we willing to carry the implications of God’s choice of us?


3. Mary was willing to deny her own desires, so that God’s processes could be fulfilled in her. In a practical sense, Mary and Joseph denied themselves, they had no sexual intercourse until God’s promise of Jesus was brought to fulfilment.


If God wants to do a finished work in me, it will take a commitment and a single-mindedness, because so many other things cram in. We have got to let God’s processes be fulfilled in our lives. We need perseverance and determination of spirit. Be single-minded in letting it work.


Not one of us, not one fellowship is the total Body of Christ. The mystery is that we will probably never see the whole Body of Christ. That is why we need the revelation of the Body of Christ so that we can be faithful to that where we are. In a global sense Christ can be produced and we will not become a dead part of the Body, neither our life, our ministry or our fellowship.


4. Mary was willing to accept what God promised instead of what the circumstances said. Despite the conditions of the birth of Jesus (in a stable) and the early years (flight into Egypt), it was said, “He will be the Son of the Most High”.


This sort of belief is very difficult if you go to a little tin tabernacle somewhere and struggle through a meeting … But in actual fact some of the greatest saints have lived through those circumstances not because that is how God wants those circumstances to be, but because, in their hearts, they lived with a vision that was greater than the circumstances.


You will never produce anything greater unless you live in it. A person who lives with a greater vision in their heart and allows that vision to control them will not be suppressed by the circumstances. They will change the circumstances. They will become fruitful in the circumstances and things will happen. Until we live with a vision we will never change anything.

Birmingham – November 1996 Session 2

Session Two


The Lord will move when He finds a longing in the heart of His people – it doesn’t matter how many – no longing, no faith. The devil wants to suppress a sense of longing, that is why he brings discouragement, depression and exhausts you in body and in spirit. The devil will do anything to stop your longing after God. The Holy Spirit is the master of anticipation – Hope.


Hope is the left hand of faith. You can’t have faith without anticipation. You can’t have faith unless the God of hope works powerfully in your heart. What the devil tries to destroy is a divine sense of anticipation.


God will even allow frustration into your life so that you begin to anticipate something. We need to learn how to respond positively to God’s times of frustration. He uses anything to stir is out of that awful death where there is no expectation. God will allow that frustration so that a holy pressure builds up in your heart. We sometimes blame the devil for this but we shouldn’t allow the devil to have that way in our lives. God will work until there is such a sense of longing – in a man, in a woman, in a church. If you are not at a place of longing yet, don’t ask, let the Holy Spirit work in you until He creates a thirst in your heart (even if you don’t know what you are being thirsty for) and if this builds up in your spirit comes a breakthrough of revelation.


Passivity of spirit is what the devil loves – a confusion, greyness – anything that stops alertness of spirit. But when we are open to the Holy Spirit He brings a quickening that gives us that cutting edge of anticipation – we expect God to move. God can’t do anything with a bunch of passive Christians. Our spirit is to be a place of urgency and sometimes a place of divine unease. We all want to be in a place of peace. There is a peace in the Lord, but also a place of divine unease. When we are sensing the Holy Spirit, God takes our spirit and creates in there a divine urgency. That is the opposite of passivity – it gives creativity and bursts out.


God has never yet used a multitude to bring revival. He uses the heart of a person(s) who have opened themselves to the Holy Spirit until there is an intensity of longing comes and they are willing for god to move in them until God breaks out. The ways of the Holy Spirit are not logical. He will do anything to work in your heart to cause this anticipation, because that is the launching pad for faith. You come to realise that you can’t do it by yourself. In fact you may come to a point where you feel worthless. You feel that you are no good and God will move through that until you throw yourself on His mercy and by a supernatural miracle God will do something that will take you out of that negative and release you into the powerful redemptive ministry of the Kingdom of God. God is a God of Crisis.


He doesn’t work by telegrams and logic, God brings the human soul to a place of inter-action with His Spirit. Some people draw back from this because it causes such a violence in your heart and apart from the grace and the help of the Holy Spirit, you could never take it. He comes in to oppose the flesh and brings us to a place of helplessness. Any of us who have ever walked in the anointing of God know that this anointing comes through a sense of utter weakness and of an overwhelming sense that “I can’t do it” – at the point God moves in, in His divine grace and mercy and the result is something supernatural.


“The Kingdom of God comes with violence and violent men take hold of it.”

Unless we understand these things we will never understand that the way of spiritual breakthrough is a place of submission, a place of cost, a place of energy, a place of working, of urgency, of crisis, a place where God will take our flesh right to the edge of our frustration and we lay ourselves before God and invite Him to work by His Spirit in our lives. That is the death of a person – that is where we need to come to. The devil wants us to be passive, to get to a certain level and think that we know it, that is the most dangerous sin – to think that we know something.


Real men and women of God walk in power on their knees.


The overwhelming power of God comes into our lives and leaves a brokenness of spirit, and this is a brokenness that must never heal. Praise God for every healing power, but this is a brokenness in our spirit that must never heal. When we have been touched by God, when we have experienced the dislocation of the flesh (see Jacob), when we have opened our hearts before the Holy Spirit and when we have been left vulnerable in the presence of God,     ?      from every security, the minute that we tie ourselves up to security again is the  minute that we contradict the work of the Holy Spirit.


“Lord show me your glory and teach me your ways.” (Moses)



Circular route


When we see a glimpse of the glory of God we need to understand the ways of God and understanding His ways leads us back into the glory of God. As we understand this we will see again that His ways are not our ways and we must be sensitive and obedient  to the promptings of the Spirit of God for Him to lead us and guide us in the ways of the Living God.


“When I am weak, then I am strong.” If that is a slogan it means nothing. But if it’s a reality of spirit, because in me life is motivated by a longing for God to move then nothing that God does will ever be unproductive.


We need to open our hearts and say, “Lord, get moving inside of me, stir me up.” We must never get to the end of a day and know that we’ve missed the purposes of god because we have failed to get into that place of crisis before Him and let God pull it out of us, to bring us into a new place of revelation. If you are really baptised in the Spirit, that is what goes on. When there is a real baptism in the Holy Spirit it enters us into this kind of process before God. It releases us from our own self and we become available for God to move in.


God is looking for a people whose spirit is willing to become a place of His Urgency. In their flesh they may feel at end of themselves sometimes. Nobody has ever done a meaningful thing in ministry without it being fronted by this period of time in which something builds up in you until you feel that you are going to explode. Then you do explode, but there is a testimony of the Lord in it.


People who want to go into ministry coolly – filling in the form, so many points and you are an apostle, so many a teacher etc. , they are never effective. That is not the way anointing comes.


Anointing comes through the energy of the Holy Spirit in you. Anointing comes from the flesh being frustrated and your own humanity being taken right back until a longing comes in you, an anticipation comes into your spirit and there is a build-up of divine energy and then you go forward in the power of that – as long as it runs like that. Then you have got to learn to stand still again, learn to let God deal with you again, learn to let the Holy Spirit work in you again, until there is another building up, another energising, another feeling of crisis, until you lay yourself down again and there is a new opening of anointing – then off you go again.


Spirit – physical. You cannot have manna to “save it for tomorrow” – we have to have this fresh daily bread.


Today – we have to let God work in our hearts and move in our spirit create element of the word – a mystery (Isaiah 55:10,11).


For example the word the Lord gave me when I was a 17 year old – “Behold I set before you an open door which no man can shut.” This was the creative element in my life.


The word is not just – a word from the Bible nor a piece of spiritual information, but something that is birthed in a crisis.


When God moves in your life, He plants a word that goes on to bear fruit and which pours out of your life. This is the secret element when we are longing after God.


“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish each other with all wisdom and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.” (Col. 3:16)


The powerhouse secret of every believer.


What the devil want is for people to get baptised in the Holy Spirit and never to break through to God-consciousness but always to be centred on themselves.


If we want to be a crucible for revival we need to offer our spirit to the Lord (John 19:30), saying “you do what you like in my spirit never mind what” – so that we can become a place where something supernatural occurs that will bless many people round me. There is a deep working of God to be done in our hearts, not a work of condemnation, not even a work of cleansing, not a work of healing, but a spiritual dimension beyond every need-orientated thing.





Where God can work things prophetic; things symbolic for this generation; even to a gathering up of all the longing before God to become a place where God can answer the longing.


This is not frustration, but a spiritual process that goes on in the heart of some people, that builds up and God can then respond to that heart. Out of that life will then come an anointing and you have a seed bed that will spread to multitudes.


This is the dimension of spiritual experience that is way beyond anything that many people in the charismatic world are experiencing. It is not to do with my getting blessed or healed (God will be that through His Word) but my becoming a crucible in which God can do something deeper in this generation.


With the longing there can be no movement.


“The hand of the Lord was upon me.” (“the power of the Holy Spirit will overshadow you”)


A deep and heaving working of the Spirit of God in the bowels of your experience – it is a challenging experience that must be understood, or you will misinterpret it. You will say that you don’t have the opportunities, but what you have to understand is that God is at work in the belly of your experience because out of you He wants to bring something that might never have been heard in your generation.


God never wastes His words, He never casts His pearls before swine, never pours His water on the desert. He knows that when He sends out His word it is going to be effective and therefore He knows where He sends it before He sends it. God says, “listen and be available to me.”

Isaiah 64 – living in sin, about to go into judgement – the people at large were not saying, “O Lord, rend the heavens” – the prophet was!


If there is going to be revival in the country it won’t come through normal Christianity but through the heart of someone who says “Lord, here is my belly – you are putting such a longing in it” – “as when the fire sets twigs ablaze” – a profound stirring in the heart.


There needs to be a voice from the Lord in the nation. This will not come through theological study but as people submit themselves to the profound moving of God and begin to understand the ways of God.


Isaiah the prophet could only speak chapter 64 because he experience chapter 6.


John 12:41 – “Isaiah said this because he saw Jesus’ glory and spoke about him”. God wants to touch us with His glory so that we have the right foundation to speak the prophetic word. Only people who have seen the glory of God can speak of what they have seen. Only God can speak words that convey His glory, only God can move by His Spirit in such a deep way that we understand these things. The Spirit of God is moving amongst believers and saying “who will stir themselves up after me?” (Isaiah 64)


The Spirit of God is stripping away the deadness and greyness and passivity.


There has to be a sense of anticipation, an inner crisis, a godly frustration. A head of steam builds up until we are launched into a new place of ministry in God, that is how the anointing is released.


Divine fusion – restless, set-apart, convicted. I take upon myself the crying need of the nation, my church, my family and I collect it into my heart and say, “God, open the heavens”.


The devil wants to distract us into other things – world, temptations – but when the Spirit of God is on you, you have an urgency that is from Jesus, this is the same Spirit that Nehemiah had when the enemies came to distract him and get him onto the plan of Ono. Nehemiah says, “I can’t come down because my eyes are fixed on completing this work of God”, Jesus says, “I can’t turn aside to anything else because my face is fixed to go towards Jerusalem.”


We are not talking about lectures, something laid out, but a divine movement of the Spirit of God by divine initiative, where God finds the hearts of the willing. There is nothing God cannot or will not do in the hearts of the willing. Where God opens your heart up and we fee the passion of God within our spirit and we allow the Holy Spirit to do these profound things in us then the result will be that something of God will take effect within our life and ministry.


Everyone of these people in the Scriptures, the Old Testament and the New had to separate themselves from the ways of other people (Isaiah 8:11). Maybe not a normal marriage, home, job – but hey all had to declare their willingness to stir their hearts up, to become a place of divine unease. There will never be productivity in your life without divine unease. No true prophetic burden can ever be given without feeling the burden of the prophetic word, no true intercession of spirit can ever be entered into without feeling the burden of the intercession. No compassionate work without feeling God’s agony for the hearts and souls of dying men, no healing ministry without feeling the brokenness in God’s heart for a broken world.


What has been is not sufficient for what is going to be. The things that are happening in the world are going to take this pressure of divine operation to bring an answer. Things that we have learned, good though the may be, will have to be sacrificed at God’s altar, because in the Holy Spirit there is another wrestling to be gone into and out of that will come something that we haven’t yet thought of.


God’s purpose in this nation will never be fulfilled by what has been. God is working in your life is never going to be established by what you already know. There needs to be an openness to the leading of the hand of God so that we can be brought into a place of feeling and sensitivity. “We are the clay, you are the potter.”


The purposes of God are beyond our imagining but it says that God does nothing without revealing it to His servants, the prophets. When we get into this place of availability – we get into the processes of God and the outcome happens without our necessarily recognising it to begin with. God doesn’t reveal everything to us immediately because He wants us to keep humble and be available because the thing he has in mind is far beyond what we can imagine. If we started to spell it out and strategies it and put words to it, it would actually stop short of what God is trying to do in the process.


As I have been taken forward by faith I have had a clear indication in my spirit – “keeping rolling with God”. That is the place of productivity, everything in our flesh wants to say, “Hold on, let’s write it down, let’s spell it out, let’s encapsulate it” and God says “No, I want you to be available, I want your heart to be open – Behold I set before you an open door – I want you to roll with it, I want you to go with it because you will be amazed at the outcome of this thing.” We can begin to divert the movements of God because we are not running in patience with the movement of the Holy Spirit.


Before sin came in God created a spirit in man that was a holy spirit (not the Holy Spirit). A consecrated spirit but sin has corrupted it, diverted it and crushed it. But you have been born again and your spirit is now available to its Creator to become a crucible where the Holy Spirit can come to earth and find a room for His energy – your holy spirit. The devil wants to do everything to divert it, to crush it, to make it unclean, but if we come to God and say, “Lord, I thank you for my holy spirit and I want to give my holy spirit to your Holy Spirit to come and put His energy in and whatever His agenda is, do it in me.” Even when we are asleep, the Holy Spirit can work supernaturally in this dwelling place. Determine to be one in your area who is wanting to be part of the prophetic remnant that is willing.


“I want to understand the urgencies and crisis of your Holy Spirit. I want to understand the passions of your heart, I want to be susceptible to the hand of the Lord upon me – here I am.”