1) Saves us from spiritual death

1 Peter 1 v 23 – “not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.”

2) Connects us with the reality of God

Isaiah 6

3) Protects us from unbalanced spirituality

– answers both sides of the personality


4) Offers a dynamic principle of discipleship

See and Do
Drive and Direction

James 1 v 21 – “accept the word planted in you.”

5) Increases our powers of spiritual discernment

1 Corinthians 2 v 15 -”The spiritual man makes judgment about all things.”

6) Releases in us the power ministry of the Kingdom

Matthew 8 v 8 – “Just say the word.”

7) Provides prophetic means of guidance in life.

Isaiah 30 v 21
Romans 8 v 14 – “led by the Spirit of God.”

“There are worst things than our final departure to the grave. One is the slow strangling death that surely comes to those who try to live by bread alone. For when we live by bread alone, we die by bread alone … Not that we immediately notice it, however. Modern culture is engineered to cover up such death.”

Dorothea Soelle

“We live on words like a man who feeds himself on the menu instead of the food. The word ‘GOD’, the formula about God, is becoming more significant to us than the reality ‘GOD’.

This reality is best seen in the kind of divinity schools we Christians run. One would expect these schools to turn out persons who would cater for modern man’s thirst for God. But they have become replicas of secular schools. They have professors instead of masters and they offer scholarship instead of enlightenment. The professor teaches, the Master awakens.”

Tony De Mello

“Being near to God give us eyes within. In Christ our eyes can think; they see with discernment and understanding. When you cleave to the truth inwardly, you will perceive the truth outwardly.”

Francis Frangipane

“The Spirit of God dwells in us. In this light let us ask ourselves again the age-old question; “What is man?” We know how we appear to other men, but if God is truly within us, how do we appear to angels or devils? What light marks us in the spirit-world, what illumination surrounds us, what glory declares to the invisible realm: ‘Behold and beware, here walks a son of God!’ Think of it: The Spirit of the Creator, who purposed in the beginning to make man in His image is in you … now.”

Francis Frangipane

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