You will have heard of the recent flooding in Pakistan with, at current figures, possibly 8 million people affected. Please as a minimum pray for your brothers and sisters there. If you want to give financially I can give you contact details.

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The photos below were sent to me by Pastor Ravi Daniel, (I do not know how many are his own), I continue in his own words:

Floods caused by a week of heavy rain have killed many thousands people in Pakistan’s northwest and rescuers battled .

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Please send your help and support to affected people with Flood your small contribution provide big help .They need a basic things Food , Water and shelter , and they are Cry for help ..

Many Thousands people loss there every things in this Flood , people loss there lifes , there childrens , there releatives and loss there Cows and other Animals and loss the works homes and lost there basic things of Life. The floods have washed away homes, crops, livestock, and critical infrastructure.

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In response to this disaster, Our team has established a fund to provide flood survivors with urgently needed items, such as food, bottled water, medicine, tents, baby formula and diapers. “There is now a real danger of the spread of water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, asthma, skin allergies and perhaps cholera in these areas
“People Cry for Help”

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Flood in Pakistan 2010. According to UN, more than 3000 people died and 20 million people are homeless now and are on the road, 200 thousands animals died in this flood. Now more people are dying with different diseases specially children, people are dying because they have no food to eat, no place to live, no clean water, no medicine. Flood in Pakistan destroyed everything; millions of people lost their everything in this flood. Would you like to donate anything, for food, milk, medicine, many children lost their parents and many parents lost their children. You can donate for these Flood Affected families in Pakistan .

We are Collecting help for poor people who are affected with Flood and loss there homes and every thing in Flood.

“Please Provide your help”

you can also contact and send your Help through other ways and method …

Pastor Ravi Daniel and all our team from Pakistan.
Phone # 0092-3157032005. E-mail :


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