“As God’s silence has seemed to deepen through this century, other voices have multiplied and become louder. Technological innovations in communications have created an information explosion that will prove more revolutionary than the atomic explosion. The printing press started it all and the telegraph certainly increased the speed of communication, but neither Gutenberg nor Morse could have imagined the advances of recent decades: telephone, radio, television, satellite, computer, fax machine – instruments that have created a cataract of information washing over us. The average American, for example, is exposed to fifteen hundred commercial messages every day. And what is now a river will rapidly grow to a flood of biblical proportions. It has been estimated that we now have only three percent of the information that will be available in 2010!

“What have we gained by this development? We have facts, but do we have truth? We have megabytes, sound bites, and info bites – but do we have wisdom? “The tie between information and human purpose has been severed,” declares Neil Postman, professor of communication arts and sciences at New York University. “Information appears indiscriminately, directed at no one in particular, in enormous volume and at high speeds, and disconnected from theory, meaning, or purpose.”

“As information expands, so also does our need for an overarching Truth with the power to filter, integrate, and prioritize. More than ever, we need a Word to set all other words in a grammar of meaning.”

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