Watchman_Nee.jpgAnyone who knew or heard Bob speak realised that reading The Ministry of God’s Word by Watchman Nee had a powerful impact on his views of revelation. Here are some of the quotes Bob used most often.

“We learn from the Bible that God has a prime work to perform on earth which is to utter His Word. If the Word of God is taken away then almost nothing is left of God’s work. No Word, no work. When the Word of God is eliminated the work is reduced to near zero.”

“Two different realms: one is that of doctrine – the other is that of revelation. The first can be attained with a little effort, a little cleverness and a little eloquence. The second is beyond human ability.”

“There is a word in the Bible which is beyond Greek or Hebrew – it is the word which all ministers seek to know. It is the word of God.”

“It takes a strong and rich mind to fix the light.”

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