Living as a disciple of Jesus Christ is increasingly dangerous in the world today. The image below was taken from the Open Doors website.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 16.32.51

Further on that article cites a Chinese church leader, who spent 23 years in prison. He is reported to have said this to Christians who did not face persecution:

“I was pushed into a cell, but you have to push yourself into one. You have no time to know God. You need to build yourself a cell, so you can do for yourself what persecution did for me—simplify your life and know God.”

Entering 2015 I suggest that in addition to the time that will be spent building your own cell that you sacrifice another 5 minutes praying for those facing horrific situations of persecution. For those sitting comfortably remember that a time might come when you need the prayers of those who are currently being persecuted in just the same way that they need ours at this time. If you are stuck for ideas or information, the video below should help.

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