“Everything in our service for the Lord is dependent on His blessing. The meeting of need is not dependent on the supply in hand, but on the blessing of the Lord resting on the supply.”

Watchman Nee as quoted here. The article goes on to summarise Psalm 146 as saying,

To experience God’s blessing, always praise Him and always trust Him.

Two quotes I heard on this short video clip,

Neil Cole said,

Ultimately each church will be evaluated by only one thing. Its disciples. Your church is only as good as its disciples. It does not matter how good your praise, preaching, programs or properly are: if your disciples are passive, needy, consumerist, and not moving in the direction of radical obedience, your church is not good.

 Herman Bavink

“The more abundantly the benefits of civilization come streaming our way, the emptier our life becomes. With all its wealth and power, it only shows that the human heart, in which God has put eternity, is so huge that all the world is too small to satisfy it.”

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