We became less than what we were meant to be

I have a singular ambition in life: to love and serve Jesus Christ with all my heart soul, mind and strength.

It all seems so simple, and so biblical.

Yet all too often it is far from what Christianity (seemingly) represents in this age.

Ravi Zacharias in his book Why Jesus? offers this helpful comment.

I remember a statement made by the president of the ill fated PTL. Commenting on the icons they had become in the eyes of the masses and the material success that oozed from their gains in wealth and fame, he said, “We became less than what we were meant to be.”

Zacharias then says, “That statement is profound.” It is indeed.

My concern when being asked to seek God for success, wealth , possessions and the like is just this—that I will become something less than the Gospel of Jesus Christ has already made me.