Many Christians have expressed opinions about Jesse DuPlantis and his believing God for a new $54 million jet airplane. I simply didn’t know what to think, but I did want to remain open to God and his voice in thinking about it.

Then I read an article about the situation by John Burton and he offered a helpful personal experience. Burton recalls a time when he had been speaking with the Lord about his senior pastor who had a considerably higher salary than his own at that time and he was discussing with the Lord the disparity in their salaries. As he was pondering he believed God spoke to him.This is the story in Burton’s own words,

Many years ago, I was the youth pastor of one of the wealthiest churches in the nation. My wife and I were earning $24,000 a year, and the rumor was my senior pastor was earning well over $100,000. He was also given a new Cadillac every couple of years, and he lived in a beautiful home. One day, I was pondering whether my pastor really needed such a high income. I wasn’t complaining in the least. I was simply wondering. God heard my not-so-private thoughts and initiated a dialogue with me, though at first I didn’t realize it was him.

“So, would $40,000 a year be sufficient for your pastor?”

That’s the question that dropped into my mind. My silent reply was something like, “Well, no. He’s been faithful in ministry for years. He’s surely worthy of more than that.”

“How about $50,000?”

“No, that’s still too low. I appreciate all he has done and he certainly can earn more.”

“$75,000?” At this point, I was keenly aware that I was in a fearful conversation with God. I didn’t even answer that final question. He didn’t wait for a response. What he said next struck me and has impacted my finances and my ministry ever since.

“Don’t you ever again presume I should consult you when I decide how to financially resource and bless one of my children. The moment you make a judgment on another’s finances is the moment your finances will come under judgment. When you embrace lack and limits for another, you will not find success breaking through lack and limits in your own life. If you affirm lack for another, you will experience lack yourself.”

I’ve never questioned another’s financial situation again. I bless those who are financially blessed, period.

My flesh might want to judge the situation of Jesse DuPlantis, my heart knows I need to remain quietly before the Lord and stand back from judging him or any other brother. Thank you for your wise counsel John Burton.

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