I am currently reading I Am Divine So Are You (Ed. Jerry Johnson). It’s abut an LGBTQ perspective derived from Karmic faiths and is interesting to explore.

As a Christian what particularly gripped me early in the book was the description of life within a Karmic faith. The author contrasts Karmic faiths with Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Islam and Christianity),

In this paradigm there is no one to blame for one’s situation in life. we are our own creations. And the choices we make in this life impact out future. While Abrahamic faiths see the world as finite, with a start and finish, the Karmic faiths see the world as without beginning and without end. While Abrahamic faiths subscribe to the doctrine of equality—everyone is equal before the eyes of God—Karmic faiths subscribe to the doctrine of diversity—everyone is unique because of the varying karmic burden. While Abrahamic religions actively reject social inequality through acts of charity, Karmic faiths accept social inequality as part of the larger karmic process that humans can only react to with empathy, but cannot actively control. While Abrahamic faiths seek to change society so it aligns with god’s will, Karmic faiths see society as forever changing, cyclically rising and falling. While Abrahamic faiths yearn for salvation, Karmic faiths yearn for liberation from the cycle of rebirths.

I cannot speak on these matters for Judaism and Islam. But as a Christian I know freedom, liberty from bondage, a power of God, and from God, to set me free from despair and hopelessness. None of that depends upon me but is bought through the work of Jesus Christ upon the cross. I don’t have to yearn for liberation because,

Jesus said, “I tell you most solemnly that anyone who chooses a life of sin is trapped in a dead-end life and is, in fact, a slave. A slave is a transient, who can’t come and go at will. The Son, though, has an established position, the run of the house. So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through. (Jn 8:34-36)


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. (2 Cor. 5:17)

In Christ God has provided a salvation that is not earned, a life that is abundant and empowered to live with a future full of potential. Where there is no need to obsess over the potential consequences of each and every failing because forgiveness comes through repentance and the power of the blood of Christ.

Truly Christianity provides access to a great and powerful salvation. Thanks be to God!

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